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The probiotic product has helped reduce constipation and bloating. I used to feel until a long, long time. After taking the probiotic supplements, bathroom time is a breeze with no more constipation and no gas pains. I just experienced the benefits within three days of taking these magic beans. I can just swear by these probiotics to relieve me from constipation and can't do without them anymore. For me, this means less fatigue and a happier mood. I no longer dread to go to the washroom and have much more energy, which equals a better day for me! It's the best thing I have found so far. Thank you very much, good probiotic bacteria!

Khairul Izham

35 years, IT Professional

This is just a quick note to say how helpful probiotics have been for me. I am a complete foodie and love to try out foods from different restaurants to satisfy my gastronomic desires. A few days back, I experienced discomfort for four days after a bout of food poisoning, post a luncheon with my friends. I just had one probiotic capsule a day, and within a couple of days was back to normal. I continued to have it regularly, only to improve my digestive health. Surprisingly weeks later, I noticed that I was free of heartburn/reflux that had been bothering me for about 3-4 times a week for a few years now. I feel so much better now, as I am heartburn-free.

Lissa Kana

28 years, Management student