About us

About us

"Probiotics for Life" with an intention to provide credible and quality information about health subjects that matter to you. As serious as we are about credibility, we also know that at times, health information can and should be engaging, exciting, and entertaining. We pride ourselves in knowing our audience's needs and delivering the most appropriate information. We are committed to improving our site and to educate you about your health and that of your family so that you can take proper actions.


Established in 1982, Mega Lifesciences public company limited is actively involved in helping millions of people have access to safe, effective, world class quality nutritional & herbal supplements, OTC and ethical products. With our headquarters in Bangkok, our journey continues with 5500 global individuals in 31 countries spreading our commitment of “We care”.

MEGA's philosophy is a blend of 4 important elements, The Mega Way, Mega Values, Our Commitment and Our Objective which motivates us make sure that Mega is always involved in helping people live healthy as long as they live.

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