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Probiotics for Health

The human gut harbours about 10 trillion microbes, weighing about 1-2 kg. probiotic foods and supplements help to balance the composition of these microbes correctly and exert their health benefits by improving several gastrointestinal problems.
Skin is the largest organ of our body and is the most exposed tissue to the outside world. So, it is also at risk of developing may problems. Probiotic bacteria have beneficial effects on skin and can help in preventing and treating numerous skin problems.
Worldwide, at least one billion women suffer from some or the other infection. Probiotic benefits are not just limited to the prevention and treatment of infections in women, but also ensure wellbeing in every woman.
An imbalance in the composition of microbes in the oral cavity can be problematic and cause diseases like bad breath, dental caries, gingivitis and so on. When consumed in enough quantities, Probiotic foods or supplements help in maintaining good oral health.
The important benefits of Probiotics are the prevention and treatment of many diseases, thanks to their role in modulating immunity. The probiotic bacteria help in strengthening our defence mechanism and keep us protected from several health issues.
Probiotics - the live friendly microbes when consumed, have a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of humans. Probiotic therapy has already made its way in the treatment of numerous health conditions ranging infections, allergies, rare health issues and also for the maintenance of general health and wellness.
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