Probiotics can clear your skin problems?

Probiotics can clear your skin problems?

Here’s a scenario — you are eagerly awaiting going to the biggest party of the year, and while getting ready, you notice it pop up! It’s right there. Your enemy with the worst timing, a pimple! Staring back at you as you swirl into the spiral of worries.

Seems familiar?

Acne is no one’s friend. You try all possible products and skincare routines to prevent them. Probiotics are the new strategy added to our skincare arsenal to get rid of the pesky pimples. Taking a regular dose of probiotics could be the one missing step in your skincare routine.

Linking your gut and your skin

There’s a link between what we feed the body and what shows up on the skin. Digestive health has been linked to many inflammatory conditions of the skin.

The digestive system, or simply the gut, is colonized by billions of microscopic living creatures. Don’t be creeped out! They are our friends. These tiny critters work to keep us healthy and make our system function in the right way. Fighting external pathogens and producing essential vitamins like vitamin K for us is one of the ways they help us stay fit and fine.

Taking probiotics improves the skin of those prone to skin condition like acne, so much so, that dermatologists are considering using probiotics along with acne therapy now.

Looks like Mom was right!

We have always been told to avoid certain foods to prevent pimples. A diet that lacks in fiber and a stressful life that doesn’t allow us to relax can hamper the working of the friendly gut bacteria. That’s when toxins start to leak from the gut into the bloodstream. Where does the blood reach? Everywhere in the body! Which organ has some of the highest blood supply? Our skin!

The toxins from the blood start causing inflammation on the skin and result in breakouts and acne. So, a healthy gut is the route to healthy skin, after all.

A piece of advice from the experts

The right way to manage acne would be to add some of those friendly bacteria in your diet along with therapy. Probiotics help you do this precisely. Once you take your supplement, the bacteria will line the insides of your gut. It will prevent the leakage of those toxins we mentioned earlier. No leakage means no inflammation, and your skin can remain acne-free!

Natural probiotic-rich foods like yogurt if consumed daily can be beneficial in managing skin conditions. Some of the foods we have been traditionally eating, like sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, natto, and miso are rich sources of the probiotic bacteria. Including one of these in your food or taking a probiotic supplement could not only do wonders for your skin but also help you control other health problems like diabetes, obesity, pathogenic infections, and many more.

To further help the probiotics do their work, prebiotics can also be included in our meals. Prebiotics are foods for the probiotic microorganisms. Eating a healthy amount of prebiotics ensures that the probiotic microorganisms stay healthy and function well.

The Bottom-line

Probiotic benefits are indeed numerous. Including a probiotic in your diet may just be the final, crucial step in your skincare. Get your daily probiotic supplement to keep your gut and skin healthy and happy!

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