Wonder whether probiotics are good for your baby?

Wonder whether probiotics are good for your baby?

Babies are delicate and need extra care. Right after birth, they are at risk of being attacked by billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Most of the friendly microbes found in baby’s gut are passed on by the mother during baby’s birth and through mother’s milk after birth. Later in the child’s life, these are picked from the surrounding environment. Any changes to the microbiome in healthy babies may lead to health problems such as itchy rashes, constipation, and even serious conditions like asthma and diabetes. You always want your baby to be protected. So, what more can you do to protect your baby from these conditions?

Have you tried probiotics?

Microbes in baby’s gut can play an important role in their immunity. Increasing the number of beneficial bacteria can help in boosting immunity in children. Probiotics or beneficial bacteria are live bacteria, having a positive effect on gut flora. Probiotics consumed by mothers may be passed on to their babies through breast milk. This too can help in strengthening their immune system. Having sufficient amounts of probiotics may help prevent allergies from developing later on.

Studies have shown probiotic benefits in toddlers too. Children having strains of Lactobacillus have shown to be protected from diarrhea and respiratory tract infection. Taking probiotic supplements has also been beneficial in softening stools and increasing the number of stools in constipated children. Nowadays, even infant formulas contain beneficial probiotics for kids, to improve their overall health.

The bottom line

Kids can always easily catch an infection and thus need to stay protected. Having probiotics regularly can help them boost their immune systems and stay strong to ward-off infections.

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